Primary Services provided by Pearl Consultants are:

Design and Construction Supervision of:

  • Roads, Drains & Interchanges
  • Building Structures and Estates/New Towns
  • River Bridges
  • Marine Structures – Jetties, Wharf, Marina etc.
  • Fluid Containing Structure
  • Water Supply & Distribution Scheme
  • Rig Platforms.

Structural Reliability Management

  • Structural Integrity analysis including residual life assessment, remedial and maintenance programmes.

The Firm is fully computerized and adopts an integrated approach to designs, due to the growing complexity of projects and the need for a good understanding of their social consequences before, during and after construction. To this end, a consortium of highly skilled professionals is raised on major projects at the discretion of and to the advantage of the Client. Within the framework of the Consortium, feasibility studies, site surveys, preliminary and final designs, contract administration and supervision for all types of construction projects including roads, bridges, marine works, public buildings etc. are undertaken.